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Reimbursements for OWASP leaders

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The process for Leaders (budget owners) approving reimbursement requests is as follows:

(0) If this is your first time doing an approval, you'll get an email inviting you to OWASP Service Center as a 'customer'

OSD Leader invited to join the portal

Note: If you've never been to OSD before, you'll have to Sign up first

(1) You'll get notified via email that you've been added to a Reimbursement request

OSD leader added to a request

And the comment lets you know an approval is needed

OSD comment requesting an approval to a leader

And of the status change to 'Waiting for approval'

OSD notification that request is waiting for approval

(2) You can approve the request via email or logging into OSD

Note: First time users may need to go through an email verification loop

OSD Email verification needed
OSD verification email sent to leader
OSD email verification example

(2.1) Add an approval/denial comment to the reimbursement request

OSD approving via OSD comment on portal
OSD entering your approval/denial of a request
OSD approval comment added

(2.2) Approval via email - reply to the email from the portal

OSD replying to approve a request
OSD approval comment added via email

Your done approving the expense.

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