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Reimbursements for OWASP accounting

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The process for the OWASP accounting team handling reimbursement requests is as follows:

(1) You'll get notification that you've been assigned to a request

OSD accounting team assigned to reimbursement request

(2) Log into OWASP Service Desk using the email link e.g. click on the OSD-21 (the request ID) or go to the agent login page.

OSD accounting's first view of a request

Note: If you've never been to OSD before, you'll have to Sign up first

(3) Review the request. If you want to see the original request in full, use the "View customer request" link to open it in a new tab

OSD link to the original request
OSD top of the original request
OSD middle of original request
OSD bottom of original request

Note: scrolling will be required : -)

During your review, if you find you need more information to make payment, you can use a comment to ask the submitter question(s).

OSD using comments to get info needed for payments
OSD comment added asking for info needed for payment

If you ask a question, you'll get notified when they respond

OSD notification of answer to question on payment

And it will be in the request comments as well:

OSD Answers appear in the comment thread

(4) Review complete and payment has been made, add a comment with the payment information

OSD adding payment info to request
OSD comment with payment info

(5) Update the status to Paid

OSD changing status to paid

now the request shows paid

OSD request status is paid

(6) Either close the request after its been paid or wait until the payment is reconciled. TBD - Need to confer with Tom P

OSD closing a request

You're done with the request

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