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The GCC maintain supervision and the financial policies apply to the 7 major AppSec events (Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, and the other two location (potentially AppSec DC – as suggested by John Wilander, and another large conference that meets the standards of an AppSec). The other, smaller events like LASCON, FRoC, BeNeLux would become the responsibility of the Chapter Committee.

This is the rationale for this suggestion…

1. Mad Props to Mark and the Conferences committee for setting up a flow through to capture and manage events. The OCMS is awesome! Way better than getting random emails about events or finding out about them after they’ve happened… 2. Most of the requirements (policies) apply to all events (speaker agreement, budget planning tool, insurance, financial liability) but some do not (profit sharing split) 3. Global AppSec Events continue to be the Flagship events of the foundation and a primary source of revenue and, as such, require tighter supervision and relationship with the Foundation 4. 99.9% of Local/Regional events are intended to be just that…local and or regional events. Their primary purpose is outreach and as such, drive our mission. 5. The revenue from the local events is generally minimal at best and really stay in the locale that they came from

Let the local chapters drive their mission locally and benefit from the sponsorship and membership revenue this might create. EVERYONE on the Conferences committee knows how difficult yet how rewarding it is to host an event. The true, ongoing benefit from a local or regional or whatever you want to call it event is not the profits from ticket sales or table sales, but the ongoing membership and growth that demonstrates success. Let the carrot be a “reward” of hosting an AppSec event. Maybe instead of a call for conferences, it is an invitation only selection.