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Projects/Internships/Weekly Report 09 20 2013

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Grants and Fundraising Intern Report

Currently Working On

  • Assignment 1:Orientation
    • I am going through my orientation materials, which included setting up my various accounts that I will use throughout my internship.
    • I established my work hours: Monday-Friday, 4 hours each day from 11am to 3pm PST.
      • Assignment finished
  • Assignment 2: Intern Contract- which outlined my duties, OWASP policies, and conditions of the internship.
      • Assignment finished
  • Assignment 3: Create a wiki profile page and weekly
    • I created my intern wiki page which included my biography, the duties of the internship, the timeline of the internship and a tab linked to my weekly reports.
      • Assignment finished
  • Assignment 4: Create a wiki page for weekly reports
    • Created another wiki page, (the current page) to set up my first weekly report.
      • Assignment in progress
  • Assignment 5: Marketing Page Outline
    • Currently I am working on creating an outline of the Marketing/Resources page. The page will have tabs for the various resources. The majority of the page will be created next week. I am currently working with the format in a wiki sandbox before I commit to publishing anything concrete.
      • Assignment in progress

Leasons Learned

  • Tutorials are essential for editing, and MediaWiki is a great guide to learn how to edit a wiki.
    • Tutorial has especially been useful for teaching me how to upload images, as well as WikiText help.[1]
  • Resizing an image via wiki is something I need to work on.
  • Formatting is important for readiblity and uniformity.
  • Creating tabs in the wiki was not nearly has difficult as I thought. I was using a code from the MediaWiki site, and it would not work. The actual code to create tabs was much more simple than the one MediaWiki provided.
Additional Comments

  • So far, I would say this has been a successful week of learning.