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Project Information:template Application Security Verification Standard 50 Review Second Review E

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Project Deliveries & Objectives

OWASP Application Security Verification Standard Project's Deliveries & Objectives


1. At what extent have the project deliveries & objectives been accomplished? Having in consideration the assumed ones, please exemplify writing down those of them that haven't been realised.

Alpha quality for documents

  • Agree to OWASP's open source license

OK: Attribution ShareAlike 2.5

  • The "main" page for any OWASP documentation project must be on the OWASP website. This page must:

o describe the purpose and scope of project, the project leader, contact info, and include all relevant links,


o includes a roadmap/guideline pointing out the steps to achieve the purpose of project.

Not on the page

o includes a list of contributors, if a team effort.

Does not apply

o include the Alpha Quality Tool project tag. (Which we still need to define),

o be placed at OWASP Project page.


  • Have all its content stored in the OWASP wiki.


  • Mailing list for project created.


  • Solves a core application security documentation/process need.

Selected for the Owasp SOC 2008 for this reason.

What has been done by the author

First version of the ASVS document, with a complete summary, a complete presentation of the overall presentation process and a half of the document sections that are written.


Next objectives of the author:

- Address comments on draft delivered 29th June as they are received.

- Start and complete work on remaining documents/sections.

- Address comments on remaining documents/sections as they are received.

- Update OWASAP web site project page with status (on 15th September).

- Update OWASAP web site project page with beta drafts (on 15th September).

- Develop and discuss with OWASP a proposal to select a beta candidate application developer and to conduct a trial certification.

2. At what extent have the project deliveries & objectives been accomplished? Having in consideration the assumed ones, please quantify in terms of percentage.

Alpha quality for Document: 100 % (up to an explicit roadmap, which does not seem necessary for a single document project with one single contributor)

Final document: 50 %

3. Please do use the right hand side column to provide advice and make work suggestions.

Document sent to the author in the 1. week of July: [1]