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Owasp Board Meetings 11-07-08

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November 11-07-2008 Board Meeting (Click here for prior meeting information.)

Old Business

1. ESAPI Summit: Jeff is organizing - invites have been issued

    a.  Invitations have been issued
    b.  Scheduled for December
    c.  To be held at OWASP HQ in Maryland

2. Member list to be published on OWASP Website.

    a.  Has been completed

New Business

1. New Hires for OWASP

    a.  Pwaan Singh - Indian student located in Texas.  He will be working on coding and projects
    b.  Alex Norman - Student intern.  Will be working out of HQ in Maryland.  Focus primarily on website issues.

2. Membership update

    a.  411 individual members
    b.  36 corporate members

3. Financial update

    a.  Summit budget was 150K - within budget
    b.  Recourses remaining are roughly 350K

4. A PR package for the summit is being prepared now (document)

5. A full report of summit proceedings will be published within 60 days

6. An action plan from each committee will be presented to the board within 60 days

7. Next summit will be held at the same time next year - place to be determined

8. Next OWASP grant will be the season of quality

9. Resolutions for Board Vote

    a.  Resolution to have board and committee meetings open and for OWASP foundation to provide a mechanism to hold the meetings
    b.  Resolution to revoke the dual license.
    c.  Resolution to create an announce only list for Global committees, Leaders, and board announcements
    d.  Resolution to revoke moderation of leaders discussion list
    e.  Resolution to adopt and publish code of ethics and owasp principles