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OWASP Wordpress Vulnerability Scanner Project

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OWASP Wordpress Vulnerability Scanner Project

A Wordpress Scanner written in PHP, focus on vulnerability assessment and security audit of misconfiguration in the Wordpress installation. Wordpress Scanner is capable of finding the flaw in the Wordpress installation and will provide all the information regarding the vulnerability. Wordpress Scanner is not a tool for code auditing, it performs "black box" scanning for the Wordpress powered web application.

The basic security check will review a WordPress installation for common security related mis-configurations. Testing with the basic check option uses regular web requests. The system downloads a handful of pages from the target site, then performs analysis on the resulting html source.

The more aggressive enumeration option attempts to find all plugins / themes that are being used on the WordPress installation and can attempt to enumerate users of the site. These tests will generate HTTP 404 errors in the web server logs of the target site. If you test all plugins, be warned that this will generate more than 18000 log entries and potentially triggered intrusion prevention measures.

Aggressively discover the WordPress plugins and themes installed on a site. Utilizes a database of over 18000 plugins and 2600 themes during testing. Fingerprint the version of the discovered plugins and themes. This version can be compared against latest releases and known security vulnerabilities.

Current Features

The following features are currently available.

  • Detect version of wordpress installation
  • Detect sensitive file. (eg: readme, database replacing file, etc..)
  • Detect enabled feature on installation. (eg: multisite enabled, allow registration, etc..)
  • Detect theme name (through passive fingerprinting)
  • List of installed plugins (through passive fingerprinting)
  • Enumerate Plugins
  • Enumerate Themes
  • Enumerate Users
  • Password auditing

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OWASP Wordpress Scanner is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the MIT License.


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Incubator Project


  • PHP >= 5.3
  • PHP cURL Extension
  • PHP JSON Extension
  • PHP OpenSSL Extension (HTTPS Support)



  • Mokhdzani Faeq - Multi-thread support for plugin enumeration.
  • Fakhri Zulkifli
  • Nawawi Jamili - Code Enhancement.
  • Big thanks to team for providing plugin/theme/version vulnerability database -

Road Map

As of now, the priorities are:

  • Rewrite code to be more modular
  • Unit Tests
  • Add Web UI
  • Add custom wordpress directory(wp-content and wp-plugin)
  • Add support for static user agent(currently random)
  • Vulnerability Database (currently using