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OWASP Travel Policies

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OWASP Sponsored Travel Guidelines

The OWASP Foundation frequently sponsors individuals travel so that they may provide presentations, educational sessions, working sessions, or conduct OWASP Foundation business. The following guidelines have been implemented to ensure that travel arrangements are managed and that the appropriate internal documentation can be consolidated.

1. Travel arrangements should be made through American Express Travel Services whenever possible.

2. AmEx travel will require approval prior to confirming flights and will provide travelers and OWASP with electronic confirmation of all of the reservations.

3. The traveler will be responsible for any fees related to changing travel plans for personal reasons

4. Flights will be arranged based on the following guidelines

  • OWASP will pay proactively for the flight for approved individuals.
  • The Maximum allowable covered fare should fall within the following guidelines (Within $100 domestic or $200 international) of the lowest fare available for
    • Flights: non-stop or 1 connection
    • Time: Arriving within one day of the start of the event and departing within one day of the end of the event
    • Carrier: Regardless of carrier (attempts to book your carrier of choice will be taken into consideration, but cannot be guaranteed)

5. It may be less expensive to extend the trip by one day. In the event the traveler is asked to stay an additional day, OWASP will cover the cost of the hotel accommodations.

6. If the traveler wishes to extend their stay for personal reasons and requests a flight outside these guidelines, the Foundation will accommodate this flight assuming the costs are within $100 domestic or $200 international for the regularly scheduled arrival/departure dates. Hotel accommodations are the responsibility of the traveler for their personal, extended stay.

7. Lodging

  • Travelers will be accommodated at the event hotel room block when applicable
  • If the room block is not available, travelers will be booked at a comparable hotel within 10 miles of the event venue
  • Hotel expenses will be covered for the duration of the event, including the night before the event, and including the night of the last day of the event, to allow for full participation

8. Ground Transportation

  • Car rental is generally not a covered expense and will require special approval
  • OWASP will reimburse transportation to/from the airport in the departure city

9. Meals/Incidental Expenses