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OWASP Top 10 build IT Break IT Fix IT

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Instructions are in RED text and should be removed from your document by deleting the text with the span tags. This document is intended to serve as an example of what is required of an OWASP project wiki page. The text in red serves as instructions, while the text in black serves as an example. Text in black is expected to be replaced entirely with information specific to your OWASP project.

OWASP Top 10 Build IT Break IT Fix IT project

Lot of people find it very difficult to understand owasp top 10. the resources available are from the point of breaking and fixing. An indepth understanding of Owasp top 10 can be achieved by undergoing all three phases ie Build, Break and Fix.


This is where you need to add your more robust project description. A project description should outline the purpose of the project, how it is used, and the value it provides to application security. Ideally, project descriptions should be written in such a way that there is no question what value the project provides to the software security community. This section will be seen and used in various places within the Projects Portal. Poorly written project descriptions therefore detract from a project’s visibility, so project leaders should ensure that the description is meaningful.


This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 License.

Project Resources

This is where you can link to the key locations for project files, including setup programs, the source code repository, online documentation, a Wiki Home Page, threaded discussions about the project, and Issue Tracking system, etc.

Project Leader

Satish Govindappa

Related Projects

This is where you can link to other OWASP Projects that are similar to yours.


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News and Events

This is where you can provide project updates, links to any events like conference presentations, Project Leader interviews, case studies on successful project implementations, and articles written about your project.

Many projects have "Frequently Asked Questions" documents or pages. However, the point of such a document is not the questions. The point of a document like this are the answers. The document contains the answers that people would otherwise find themselves giving over and over again. The idea is that rather than laboriously compose and post the same answers repeatedly, people can refer to this page with pre-prepared answers. Use this space to communicate your projects 'Frequent Answers.'


The success of OWASP is due to a community of enthusiasts and contributors that work to make our projects great. This is also true for the success of your project. Be sure to give credit where credit is due, no matter how small! This should be a brief list of the most amazing people involved in your project. Be sure to provide a link to a complete list of all the amazing people in your project's community as well.

Satish Govindappa


Its 2 month project

1st Month - Picking a Case Study Developing Sample web application using JSP Buidling a set of functionality sample web application - login module, registration module technologies - Jsp Mysql Apache tomcat Breaking the functionality Fixing the functionality using ESAPI using other open source using own algorithm Generating WAR file 2nd Month - Documentation of buidling web application using jsp mysql and tomcat Documentation of breaking the web application Documentation of fixing Preparing Table which includes the steps for building, breaking and fixing End of 2nd month: Pushing all the documentation and Source code to owasp site

Getting Involved

Jar Library