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OWASP Testing Project v2.0 - Review Guidelines

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This is a support page for the OWASP Testing Project V2.0 Review effort. In here you will find more details on how to participate in this collaborative review process.

Request for Review

Now that the The OWASP Testing Guide v2.0 has reached the 'Release Candidate 1 milestone, the time has come to make sure that everything is 100% and that there is nothing major missing.

During the next month we invite you all to review the current version of the OWASP Testing Guide, which is available in WIKI format here: OWASP_Testing_Guide_v2_Table_of_Contents

For your conveinience this version is also available in Adobe PDF format or Ms Doc format

The current plan is to create a 'published' version of this guide on the 10th of February which will be sent to all OWASP members in book format.


  • 01th January 2007: Owasp Testing Guide reaches Release Candidate 1 milestone
  • 11th January 2007: Review process begins
  • 10th February 2007: Review process ends
  • 10th March 2007: Book is created and starts to be shipped to current OWASP members


  • Q: If I find a mistake in a WIKI page can I just edit it?
  • A: Yes of course, just use your account (free to create) and click on 'edit'
  • Q: Where do I add comments about a particular page?
  • A: Either use the 'Discussion' page that exists for every content page, or add your comment to the General Area for general Comments below
  • Q: If I have sugestions for the next version of the Guide, where do I place them?
  • A: use the Wish List for next version area below

Wish List for next version

  • {put here your wish list for the next version (we will try to release a new version every 6 to 9 months.)}

General Area for general Comments

  • {if you have a general comments or specific question, feel free to place it here}