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The OWASP Top 10 2013 contains a new entry: A9 - Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities. SafeNuGet can currently be used to scan .NET applications to identify any known vulnerable components.

The problem with using known vulnerable components was described very well in a paper by Jeff Williams and Arshan Dabirsiaghi titled, "The Unfortunate Reality of Insecure Libraries". The gist of the paper is that we as a development community include third party libraries in our applications that contain well known published vulnerabilities (such as those at the National Vulnerability Database).

OWASP SafeNuGet is an MSBuild task which will warn developers if they are using NuGet packages with known vulnerabilities.

More information about SafeNuGet can be found on the Github SafeNuGet site.

For a similar tool for java see OWASP_Dependency_Check

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Name: OWASP SafeNuGet (home page)
Purpose: OWASP SafeNuGet is an MsBuild task to warn about the use of NuGet libraries with known vulnerabilities.
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