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OWASP Podcast Archives (podcast home)

Podcast #1 - Listen Now - Show Notes

Topic: EU Summit Wrap Up, ClickJacking, OWASP Live CD Project, Builders vs. Breakers, Application Firewalls & More
Moderator: Jim Manico
November 21, 2008
- Jeff Williams, CEO of Aspect Security
- Arshan Dabirsiaghi. Director of Research at Aspect Security
- Jeremiah Grossman, founder and CTO of WhiteHat Security

Podcast #2 - Listen Now - Show Notes

Topic: OWASP Summer of Code project, Securing WebGoat using ModSecurity
Moderator: Jim Manico
December 20, 2008
- Stephen Craig Evans is an independent software security consultant based in southeast Asia.

Podcast #3 - Listen Now - Show Notes

Topic: OWASP Live CD 2008 Project
Moderator: Jim Manico
December 30, 2008
- Matt Tesauro is the OWASP Live CD Project lead. He's also a member of the Global Project and Tools Committee.

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