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OWASP Online Academy

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OWASP Online Academy Project



The OWASP Online Academy Project helps to enhance your knowledge on web application security. You can learn Secure Development and Web Application Testing at your own pace and time.

OWASP Online Academy is currently under development and aims to be viewable in all mobile devices.


The OWASP Online Academy provides free online training and learning of Web Application Security, Mobile Testing, Secure Coding designed and delivered by the experts around the world.

Currently the OWASP online academy project Website is on alpha-testing stage.

OWASP Online Academy is based on the Hackademic Project. We are creating this platform to make it more virtually interactive, choose and finish your own course, pass a self-assessment exam and receive a Certification of Course Completion from OWASP Online Academy.

Target Participants

Students : Students are welcome to enroll in this platform to develop their skills in secure Mobile/Web development.

Professionals : Professionals who like to enhance their skills in Web Application/Mobile security.

Needs of this Project

OWASP Online Academy needs 3 things to make this a success:

1) Web Security people who are willing to create videos or have videos on different topics.

2) Video Editors & UX people to improve visibility and user experience of online lessons.

3) Financial support for server maintenance purposes.

If you would like to inquire about donations email John Patrick Lita. For suggestions on the website and promotions email Jan Jansalin.


OWASP online academy is under the OWASP Licensing Policy.

Benefits of OWASP Online Academy

OWASP Online Academy Provides:

  • A platform to be aware about the latest in web security (OWASP Top 10)
  • A virtual class in which you can choose from specializations to focus on such as: Mobile Developement, Web Application Development, Quality Assurance etc.
  • A platform which caters to different people groups, different language, methods of teaching and deaf people.
  • Aims to soon teach how to build your own Web Application Security testing lab.
  • Aims to cater more advanced courses such as Creating Security Policies, Digital Certificates, JAVE SE, Server Side Java, HTML5 and CSS3, Cloud and Big Data and many more!


Project Leaders

John Patrick Lita

Jan Jacob Glenn Jansalin

Related Projects

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Email List

John Patrick Lita

News and Events

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The OWASP Online Academy is supported by:

Tom Brennan -


  • xxx
  • xxx
  • In the First Launch of this Pr we expect more students will be interested in this platform.
  • OWASP Online Academy aims to solicit funds to help the Foundation build and support existing projects.
  • This platform can help increase individual supporters to corporate supporters.

We are encouraging you to be actively involved in the development and promotion of the OWASP Online Academy.

OWASP Chapter Leaders, Board Members, Members, Corporate partners:

Some of the ways you can help:

  • Create your own Modules (Video series with captions)
  • Create your account and upload your Video Tutorial series
  • Create your own questions for Self Assessment Examination (a total of 80 questions)
  • It's up to you if you like to create a prerequisite for certification Goals like:
and many more...

Roadmap -

  • Online Education
  • Online tutorial for tools develop by OWASP Foundation
  • Develop more courses and up to date subjects
  • Partnership with different Universities Worldwide

Future Milestones and enhancements

  • Recognition to international Education Community
  • Online Education Certification
  • Generate Funds to help other Projects

Online Academy will provide free and yet high quality online education to our community, it can help project leaders to create tutorials on how to use their Tools, and also will help our Conference Attendee to lessen their expenses because the attendee don't need to pay just to know the basic use of the tool.