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OWASP Newsletter 13

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OWASP Newsletter #13 (08-Feb-2008)

Welcome to the 13th edition of the OWASP Newsletter, featuring OWASP Books and the CSRFTester Project.

As always, if you have any content to add to the next edition, please feel free to add it directly to its WIKI page OWASP Newsletter 14.

Alison McNamee - OWASP Operations Director - [email protected]

Featured Item: OWASP Books Available

OWASP has 10 books that are available for free download, or to purchase (prices range from $5.81 - $17.44). The current books available are:

  • OWASP Clasp v1.2
  • OWASP Top 10
  • OWASP Top 10 - Testing - Legal
  • OWASP WebGoat and WebScarab
  • OWASP Code Review
  • OWASP Evaluation and Certification Criteria
  • OWASP Top 10 - Ruby on Rails version
  • OWASP SpoC 2007
  • OWASP World
  • OWASP Guide 2.0

If you would like to download or order, please go to Lulu!

OWASP Books are provided at cost, and OWASP is not making a profit.

Featured Project: CSRFTester

OWASP recently came out with the CSRFTester Project, which attempts to give developers the ability to test their applications for CSRF flaws. Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) is a program that tricks a victim into loading a page that contains a malicious request, such as changing personal information or purchasing something the victim is not aware of.

If you would like to download the latest OWASP CSRFTester 1.0 binary and startup script Click Here

If you would like to download the latest OWASP CSRFTester 1.0 source and binary Click Here

To learn more about this project, please visit the Project Home Page.

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