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OWASP Israel 2010 06

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The meeting will be held in Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010.

Location: IBM/Watchfire Offices, Sapir 1, Herzliya Pituach


SDL for Agile

Avi Douglen

Agile methodologies are growing in popularity as a way to make the development cycle more efficient and robust, however as everyone knows (sic) “Being Agile” is the anti-thesis of security…! On the other hand, organizations are looking for a holistic Security Development Lifecycle to ensure that their applications are in fact secure. Some solutions and ideas to help merge the apparently conflicting philosophies, and come up with “Agile Security”.

Voice Biometrics: Authentication Factor for Web and Mobile Apps

Almog Aley-Raz, PerSay

Voice Biometrics technology is gradually making its way into becoming an ubiquitous authentication factor. In this session Almog Aley-Raz, will introduce this unique technology, and discuss its applications across the phone, web, and mobile channels. Different ways of embedding Voice Biometrics to secure web application will be discussed.

SQL Injection Anywhere

Gil Cohen, Hacktics

Have you ever came across an SQL Injection that you could not exploit and extract data from? Weird locations, multiple injected parameter usage, weird behaviors etc....? Worry no more! In this session, Gil Cohen will present the new Deliberate Runtime Error Binary SQL Injection Technique, which allows extracting data from almost every SQL Injection out there!