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OWASP Israel 2008 Conference Erez Metula

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The .NET framework is a powerful development environment which became the de-facto environment for software development. With .NET you can develop web applications, windows applications, web services and more.

As a managed code environment, .NET enables the code to run inside its virtual machine - the CLR – while abstracting the low level calls, allowing MSIL code to benefit from the services it gives.

Since the code the developer writes, whether it's in c#,, must be compiled to MSIL, and afterwards to the CPU's instruction set on the fly ("JIT – Just In Time"), .NET EXE's and DLL's it is easy to reverse engineer it and extract the MSIL code from .NET compiled code. This is a well known fact.

But what happens if we will use this fact to modify the Framework's code itself and recompile the code..? We can change the .NET language!

This talk will cover various ways to develop rootkits for the .NET framework, so that every EXE/DLL that runs on a modified Framework will behave differently than what it's supposed to do. Code reviews will not detect backdoors installed inside the framework since the payload is not in the code itself, but rather it is inside the framework implementation.

We will see how to write rootkits for the framework, that will enable the attacker to install a reverse shell inside the framework, to steal valuable information, to fixate encryption keys, disable security checks and more.

In addition, a new tool for building MSIL rootkits will be released that will enable the user to inject preloaded/custom payload to the Framework core DLL. Also, a whitepaper describing the methods and tools will be released, called ".NET Framework rootkits - backdoors inside your Framework".


Erez is a frequent speaker at our conferences and gets great feedback scores. The only complaint is that he needs more time, which we can easily solve now by having a full day two tracks event.

Erez is a senior application security consultant, working as the application security department manager at 2BSecure. He has extensive hands-on experience performing security assessments, secure development consulting & training for clients in Israel and abroad such as banks, financial organizations, military, software development companies, telecom, and more. Erez graduated his BSc computer science at Ben-Gurion University, and is toward graduation of Msc in computer science. He also holds a CISSP certification (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) from the British (ISC)2 organization.

Erez is also a leading instructor for many information security training, especially on secure software development methodologies & techniques. He had lectured on advanced .NET security (and other development platforms) for worldwide organizations and is constant speaker for conferences such as Microsoft .NET Security User Group, OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project), and more.