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OWASP Intelligent Intrusion Detection System

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In today's world, Network and System Security are of paramount importance in the digital communication environment. On par with the developments in technology, many threats have emerged for information security which has worse effects when it comes to sensitive transactions. Nowadays, intruders can easily break the walls of the network and can cause many kinds of breaches such as the crash of the networks, Denial Of Service, injecting Malware and so on. In order to avoid those breaches, it is badly needed for a security administrator to detect the intruder and prevent him from entering into the network. In daily life, new threats and associated solutions are emerging together.

Proposed Solution

A Hybrid Intrusion Detection System by leveraging the benefits of Machine Learning techniques to build a system which detects the intrusion and alerts the respective network administrator. This can be extended from Intrusion to breach detection as well. The developed system analyses and predicts the behavior of users which in turn classifies as an anomaly or a normal behavior.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Denial of Service (DoS): Attacker tries to prevent legitimate users from using a service.
  • Probe: Attacker tries to gain information about the target host.
  • U2R: Attacker has local access to the victim machine and tries to gain super user privileges.
  • R2L: Attacker does not have an account on the victim machine, hence tries to gain access.


OWASP Hybrid Intrusion Detection System is free to use. It is licensed under GNU GPL v3 License (allows commercial use, but requires that modifications to your code stay open source, thus prohibiting proprietary forks of your project)


  • Complete the first draft of the Tool Project Template
  • Get more contributors to the project
  • Push the project base to github repository
  • Finalize the Tool Project template and have it reviewed to be promoted from an Incubator Project to a Lab Project

Getting Involved

Feel free to contact the leader to know how can you be part project growth.

Project Resources

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Wiki Home Page

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Project Leader

Sri Harsha Gajavalli


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Incubator Project
GNU General Public License (GPL)