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OWASP Hacking-the Pentest Tutor Game

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OWASP Pentest Tutor Game Project

This is a pentest tutor/training game. It was started because of the lack of games related to information security. We are trying to improve the awareness of information security through this game. Make the learning fun. Help people get started with pentest more easily. Also, demonstrate the process for a bad guy to compromise others' PC's, mobile devices, workstations by exploiting the low-hanging fruits.

Nowadays, it's getting cheaper and easier to launch websites and other internet services. However, many site/service admin/owner don't understand or even be aware of the security risks. Those sites/hosts rarely get maintained/upgraded. That leaves tons of vulnerable sites/hosts open on the Internet.

Recently, there are several fun games & applications sprung out for learning programming. Why don't we make it fun to learn security as well?

Meanwhile, by modeling the environment, the simulation engine could serve as a lightweight lab. Pentester could practise on the platform. It also eliminates the risk of being involved in any legal issues.


Hacking is an open-source pentest tutor/training game. It simulates the environments and the processes of hacking/pentest. The purpose of this game is to:

  • Educate people, developers, ops, and system admins about hacking/pentest;
  • Provide pentesters a simulation environment to prectise pentest;
  • Security experts & professors to develop, test, and evaluate pentest automation/semi-automation tools.

In this game, player can learn and explore the basis of pentest, including some essential concepts & tools:

  • Concepts: reconnaissance, scanning, exploitation, maintaining access, (social engineering - TO-DO)
  • Tools: host, ping, telnet, Nmap, OpenVAS, Metasploit, Meterpreter

Player will also be able to levarage one or more planners to automation robots which can aid the players in the game process.


Apache 2.0

Project Resources

Project Leader

Stayman Hou

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Incubator Project
Apache 2.0

News and Events

Project offically started - Mar 11, 2015



Stayman Hou


2nd Quarter: Beta release. Game should be playable in general.

3rd Quarter: Bug fix and enhancement. Game should be able to run smoothly in most occations.

4th Quarter: First release. Improve details, implement AI engine, automate/semi-automate the build & deliver process.

Getting Involved

Everyone is welcomed to contribute to this project. The primary repository is hosted on github -

You can contribute by testing the game on your devices, reporting bugs, developing the game, and making documentations. You may fork and make pull requests, open issues, and request new features. If you want to make pull requests, it's recommended to run the tests before you do it.

For any other issues, please contact Stayman Hou.

A set of executable binaries for a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS & Andriod