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OWASP Grants

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OWASP Grants

The OWASP Foundation was established to encourage and facilitate application security projects, and one way that we do that is by awarding grants to promising researchers. We have funded dozens of projects to create tools, develop guides, perform surveys, and much more.

Current Projects

The OWASP Foundation is actively seeking proposals for a number of different projects. Check out the details of these projects, and then consider applying for one of them. You should follow the general proposal format that we have used for the Autumn and Spring of Code projects. Please review the proposals there for ideas on how to describe your credentials and approach. Your proposal is our only way to judge your ability to complete the project successfully, and will be very carefully reviewed.

Ad Hoc Proposals

We are always willing to receive an ad hoc proposal for a project that is not on the list. Please fully describe the project with particular attention to the problem that it is intended to address.

Season of Code Program

Periodically, OWASP runs a "Season of Code" effort to drive innovation in application security. The following pages contain details of these fun and highly successful programs.