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OWASP EU Summit 2008 paid participation rules

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To be considered a relevant OWASP participant, and, consequently, to qualify to have the Summit attendance expenses partially paid, you must belong to one, or more, of the following categories:

  1. OWASP Summer of Code 2008 project leaders & reviewers,
  2. OWASP Summer of Code 2008 special project contributors,
  3. OWASP Spring of Code 2007 project leaders & reviewers,
  4. OWASP Autumn of Code 2006 project leaders & reviewers,
  5. Active Project Leaders (not currently participating on SoC 08),
  6. Active Chapter Leaders,
  7. Member with significant past OWASP Contribution.

The OWASP Summer of Code 2008 leaders, reviewers and contributors have also a specific set of rules to abide by. These rules can be seen here.

Regarding the category 2, up to ten project contributors will be chosen by OWASP Board having into consideration the supported and detailed proposals made by the SoC's projects authors.

In addition, regarding the categories between 3 and 4, we will consider relevant OWASP participant only those who have timely delivered their projects or have timely performed their reviews.

Regarding the category 5, we will consider relevant OWASP participant only those with projects in activity and the OWASP Board will judge that by checking if any significant update on the project page was done in the last six months.

Regarding the category 6, we will consider relevant OWASP participant only those with chapters in activity and the OWASP Board will judge that by checking if any significant activity was done in the last six months.

The last category, the seventh one, was deliberately created to assure that nobody with relevant past OWASP contributions will be excluded. As this judgement will be necessarily subjective and casuistic, it will be OWASP Board's responsibility. However, you can present your application.

In what respects to the level of expenses that will be paid, the following rules have been established:

  1. With the exceptions below, all accommodation and meal expenses, during all the four days, will be paid.
  2. As we are still seeking out for financial sponsorship support, until further notice, none of the dinners will be paid.
  3. The meals consist of a pre-negotiated menu and only this one will be paid.
  4. The accommodation will consist in a place in a shared T1 (3 people) or T2 (5 people) apartment. Therefore, even though one can choose an individual room, OWASP will pay only for the cost associated with a shared stay. At the cost of +/- 60 Euros per night, there is the option to stay in an individual room (or in a double-room, in the cases where the partner - wife / husband - is also present).
  5. Please note that the nights of 3 and 7 of Nov will be included in the paid accommodation for those of you attending the whole event.
  6. Regarding the flight expenses, OWASP will pay a maximum of 1000 US dollars to all non-European attendees and 600 US dollars to the European ones.

On the whole, if you accept our challenge to be at the OWASP EU Summit 2008 to present your project and engage the discussion at one, or more, Working Sessions and if you qualify to have your expenses partially paid, please contact Paulo Coimbra as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, although we start with a good budget to cover expenses (150,000 USD), it will not be enough to cover the current projected number of OWASP participants. Therefore, if you can convince your company to pay for some or all of your expenses please do so and, on the other flip of the coin, we can advertise its logo at the conference materials - more details about sponsorship opportunities can be seen here.

Come and join us! We are looking forward to seeing you in Portugal!