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OWASP Board Meetings July Agenda

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Review of Action Items:

Update on details of working groups: - Dinis

OWASP ESAPI Summit - Targeting 9/9-9/11 - OWASP will organize a working session (not a working group) at Washington DC where the main ESAPI contributors will be invited to participate. Jeff Williams will structure an agenda and plan for this session.

Identified need for clearer guidelines for OWASP projects: The first and second round reviews for SOC are to be completed and documented. This will provide definition of procedures for future projects. Larry and Paulo will work on updating wiki.

OWASP Blog pages: Tom will take this down

Local Chapter Finance model: A draft of procedures to include roles of chapter and roles of OWASP regarding these chapter issues. Kate and Tom researching payment options.

Student Memberships - proposal to add student membership at $25 (or enough to cover membership pack). Also suggested to add a OWASP MemberID to the membership program.

New Business

Internationalization - Larry report status

OWASP Intern

Funding W3C Meeting Representative

6th Board Member

Status of OWASP Portugal Conference - Dinis

Richard Stallman and Licenses - Jeff, Kate, Larry

OWASP Community

  • Newsletter
  • Books

OWASP Financials:

Audit is completed: results and takeaways

Should we switch to a different bank that can handle international wires better?

OWASP 200k investment plan


NY conference

India conference

Proposal for OWASP EU SUMMIT 2008