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OWASP Board Meetings December Agenda

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The purpose of the board meeting is to provide a monthly update of the OWASP Foundation status and direction of the activities going on worldwide. Finance and Committee Reports from Global Committee's are key to the mission of OWASP Foundation. Meetings are held in-person/teleconf on the 1st Tuesday of each month. TELECONF # 1-866-534-4754, Code: 7452912855

If you have any questions or would like to contact a board member Contact Us


REPORTS OWASP Finance Report - Dave/Alison/Kate

OWASP Member Report - Brennan/Alison/Kate


 * Banner Ads rotating banner ads and sponsor ads - Larry Status
 * Report from independent 3rd party accounting audit. - Alison (completed)
 * Portugal Wrap-Up - Kate/Dinis (inprogress)


* Global Membership Committee Update - Brennan/Alison/Kate
* Global Chapter Committee Update - Seba/Kate
* Global Industry Committee Update - Brennan/Kate
* Global Education Committee Update - Seba/Kate
* Global Conferences Committee Update - Dave/Kate
* Global Projects Committee Update - Dinis/Kate


 * Project Corporate Sponsorship Acknowledgements -  Sebastien
 * OWASP Self-Funding Model - Brennan
 * Winter of Code Update - Dinis/Sebastien/Paulo
 * FREE Job Postings, in a bad economy - Brennan
 * ESAPI Summit Status GREEN - Jeff
 * TBD

ACTION ITEMS Action Items as a result of this board meeting

 1 Larry will work with Banner Ads / Website Project 
 2 Draft announcement for committee's globally to OWASP-ALL, and appsec mailing lists. - Brennan
 3 Define what gets a "Free" corporate membership to OWASP Foundation - Dave/Dinis/Jeff
 4 60/40 split on corporate memberships and individual memberships to local chatpers/owasp foundation - Brennan
 5 OWASP job posting free to sponsors updated to be a wiki page that will be edited by Kate.  - Kate