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OWASP Board Meetings 2-7-08

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Date of Meeting: February 7, 2008

Items discussed:

  • Need agenda for all future meetings – items to discuss at each meeting should include, but not be limited to:
    1. OWASP Financials
    2. Conference Report
    3. Infrastructure
    4. Local Chapters update
    5. Projects update
  • Local Chapters
    1. Need to define more clear rules (ie: need to meet at least quarterly, at least 3 people on board, info must be published, etc.)
    2. What is an ideal OWASP Chapter?
    3. Need to put a process in place for OWASP donating money to local chapters
  • OWASP Financials
    1. Need to focus on selling more advertising space for 2008
    2. Board needs to receive quarterly balance sheet reports
    3. Board needs to receive monthly report on new members, renewals, how much additional $ in memberships
  • Advisory Board
    1. Need to create an advisory board (who should participate?)
    2. Figure out how to handle meetings (Quarterly?)
  • OWASP Projects
    1. Need a clear list of what the steps are to have a project become an OWASP project
    2. Need to make the process easier for those who want to contribute

Actions Items:

  • Alison
    1. Invite Larry to next meeting
    2. Create an agenda for the next meeting
    3. Send a quarterly balance sheet to the board
    4. Before each meeting, send a summary of all new members, renewals, how much additional $
    5. Send an email to all OWASP Corporate Members and Conference Sponsors seeing if they are interested in purchasing advertising space
  • Jeff
    1. Figure out best approach for getting together Advisory Board, organizing meetings, etc.
  • Dave
    1. Send Alison email that has been used in the past for selling advertising space
  • Dinis
    1. Work out details for 'Working Groups'
    2. Make the process easier for people who want to contribute to OWASP (through projects), and don't know how to
    3. Create more clear guidelines on what the steps are to make a project an OWASP project 
    3. Assist Alison with the Newsletter
  • Tom
    1. Work with Dinis on 'Working Groups'
  • Seba
    1. Get more info on how we should handle giving money to local OWASP Chapters - coordinate with Alison
    2. Create more clear guidelines on criteria each local chapter must meet, to remain active
  • Larry
    1. Check out forum- are we using it?