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OWASP Board Meetings 10-07-08

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1. kate ot post indivudal members within 2 weeks

2. Alison to reissue balance sheet

3. Centralized payments to be announced -tom

4. rotaing banner ads alison to talk with larry and get this roled out

5. publish report to 3rd party auditor to board members

6. nyc appsec - create a OWASP Events Committee

7. 2008 tax returns to be .pdf and posted - alison

8 . W3AF in progress

9. appsec videos done - and posted

10. owasp governance tom and consult with jeff, dave, dinis and seb on election process and annoucements



 * Membership
 * Finance 
 * Industry
 * Governance


 * Profit/Loss of NYC APPSEC 2008 - Alison to issue a balance sheet
 * OWASP Newsletter
 * OWASP Local Chapter Ear Marked/Payment Button
 * OWASP Individual membership list
 * OWASP Roles defined
 * Banner Ads rotating banner ads and sponsor ads - Alison/Larry report
 * Report from independent 3rd party accounting audit.


Action Items as a result of the board meeting

 1 Alison to reissue accounting statement reflecting the total event
 2 Working groups at Summit will drive the Winter of Code
 3 OWASP Newsletter - podcast? at summit to discuss.
 4 OWASP Elections/Governance
 5 OWASP conference committee