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OWASP Board Meetings 01-06-09

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OWASP OPERATIONAL REPORT OWASP Finance Report - Presented by: Alison/Kate

Finance Report - Balance Sheet - 2008 - Dave requests additional information on income vs expenses.

Advertising Report - no banner space has been sold yet for 2009


Global Membership Committee Update - Brennan

Individual Member / Organizational Supporter

Global Industry Committee Update - Brennan

Global Conferences Committee Update - Dave

Global Projects Committee Update - Dinis

Global Chapter Committee Update - Seba - Chapter committee needs more members.

Global Education Committee Update - Seba - conference call scheduled for this week. Should have a proposal for the board by the next meeting.


* 60/40 Split Membership Drive
* Banner Ads - no banner ads have been sold yet for 2009.  Larry will take the vertical banner graphics and post them horizontally as well as advertise the banner space.


* Board Vote on committee plans - Membership
* Board review of committee nominations - Stephen Craig Evans (membership), Andrzej Targosz (Education)
* OWASP Infrastructure - Summary of events since the last board meeting, Moving forward, Request for upgrades
* Carrie - Kate

ACTION ITEMS Action Items as a result of this board meeting

1. Membership proposal - APPROVED effective 2/1/2009 to kick off the 60/40 membership split. Proposal review, tweaks to be completed by all board members by Jan 9th.  Brennan will update committee page for RFC and finalize the membership page on or before 2/1/2009 and launch to OWASP-ALL
2 Justin Derry application post to Global Chapter Committee, Wayne Huang will remain member of Global Conference committee
3 OOtM budget is 10K for 2009
4 Larry will define specs for site hosting and get estimates to see if will be more cost effective to pay for site hosting than to continue to host our own site on multiple servers.
5 Each board member will have $2500 to spend on items at their discression (primarily for committee costs).  There is a $500 per transaction limit.  These expenses will be reviewed during the board meetings.

6 Banner ads and conference ad rotations in the space