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OWASP Board Meeting November 10, 2009 Agenda

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[1] Old Business


Members 645 List

Review of Summit Agenda

Review of Candidate Agenda & Discuss Format for Voting

Review of New Board Members - Evolving Individual Roles

Special Update from the OWASP SUMMIT

  • A vote was taken of the OWASP SUMMIT attendees on the issue of whether to go forward with the idea of an OWASP Credit Card. The idea would lead to some amount of revenue for OWASP and possibly some publicity. The actual amount of revenue was not known. The issue of possible negative publicity in the case of a breach was also discussed. Many thought the credit card idea was "separate" from OWASP, since it's not in our space like certification would be. Nevertheless, there was concern that the idea was too commercial. The point was made that in order to be financially successful, OWASP would have to promote the credit card, and that would be distracting and undermine our reputation. In the end, the vote was AGAINST going forward with the OWASP Credit Card. Thanks to those involved with doing the research on identifying this opportunity, it was valuable to have explored and helps us clarify our values.