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OWASP Board Meeting December 09

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Meeting December 1, 2009 Present: Seba, Dinis, Eoin, Matt, Jeff, Tom, Kate Absent: Dave

Purpose of meetings to make decisions, not to debate

Old Business -

need specific proposal on outsourcing mailing lists and Larry Support - Matt will research options for hosting

Matt will identify individuals who can implement wiki support

OOTM budget has been met for 2009.

P&L needs to be available for each board meeting.

Connections Committee - this committee will facilitate PR and evangalism of OWASP. vote - Action passed and Committee created.

Board member assignment to committees are as follows:

Dinis - connections

Seba - membership

Jeff - projects

Matt - education

Eoin - conference

Dave- industry

Tom - chapters

1. Board members serves administrative role and liason to the board

2. Board member may participate in committee activities but not drive the agenda

Committee Chair

1. sets the agenda for the committee

2. drives committee activity and priorities

Linked In: Tom "owns" OWASP Linked In Group and will transfer to OWASP

Election Process adoption approved and implemented as OWASP Policy

Independent committee group will review the topics raised as the result of the Brazil Conference to help resolve these issues - Matt will organize call with involved parties and include Jeff and Kate

Problem resolution - procedures

collect data


document outcomes

occurrence prevention

Summit Videos need to be posted ASAP

2010 summit to occur in sweden 2011 summit to occur in US

Training conference idea approved in theory. Work with Dave Wichers to develop training model to be used and one that can be implemented among all events.

2010 Conference schedule (recourring events) to be posted by quarter

US conference proposal deadline 12/31

SOC grant of 90K to be reviewed at EACH meeting until resolved

Eoin to submit a proposal for review at next meeting to implement industry outreach to developers.

Owasp to research possibility of securing tracks/talks/booths at upcoming developer conferences

Connections committee to create a PR 2010 budget. Also reach out to university marketing students to focus on marketing for OWASP.

Next meeting 12/5/09 1200 EST