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Netherlands Mini Meeting 2009

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Netherlands Calendar and Topics for OWASP NL Mini Meetings: The 'Mini Meetings' are a informal platform to discus on a specific topic in a small group. Chair is, whoever put's in a topic. You will get all support by the OWASP NL Chapter Board! Those meetings must result in meeting notes and can result in a presentation on a OWASP NL Chapter meeting!

To attend one of the meetings below, send an email to the contact's email address!

Mini Meeting Topics 2009

Topic        : Tools of the trade; exchange real-life experiences
Contact      : Dave van Stein, dvstein+owasp [-at-] gmail [-dot-] com
Date         : <to be decided>
Time         : <to be decided >
Location     : ps_testware
               Dorpsstraat 26
               3941 JM Doorn
Details      : Exchange real-world experience about web testing tools. What is really useable and what is not.
Attendees    : Min 6, max 8, currently 0 attendees 

Scheduled minimeetings

Topic        : SAMM, ASVS and other methodologies
Contact      : Martin Knobloch, [email protected]
Date         : November 19th 2009
Time         : 18:00 (dinner provided) to 21:30 
Location     : Sogeti Nederland B.V.
               Plotterweg 31-33
               3821 BB Amersfoort
Details      : About ideas and experiences of using, implementing and verifying the different methodologies
Attendees    : Max 12 persons, currently 0, 0 available

Past minimeetings

Topic        : Quickscans and other timeboxed test approaches (discussion)
Contact      : Barry van Kampen
Date         : 25th June 2009
Details      : This discussion will be about the way quickscans can be performed.
               At least basic web application testing knowledge is needed for this session.
               Please send an email if you would like to attend.
Total persons: 6 attendees.

Mini Meeting minutes

Space below is mend to put the Mini-Meeting-Note!

If you want to attend, please send an email to the contact of the topic.

All OWASP chapter meetings are free of charge and you don’t have to be an OWASP member to attend. There are never any vendor pitches or sales presentations at OWASP meetings.