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Minutes April 6, 2010

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Present: Tom Brennan, Eoin Keary, Dave Wichers, Dinis Cruz, Jeff Williams

Dave Wichers proposed to allow Jim Manico to work as a "technical project manager" for the ESAPI project. Dave will document job req and present for vote at the next meeting. Dinis will push out to leaders list for feedback.

P&L and Balance Sheet will be reviewed by Board and questions reviewed by the Board prior to the next meeting.

Membership kits will continue for now and topic will be referred to the Membership Committee for consideration.

Service Provider Registry - Board willing to move forward with project. Mike Boberski will be asked to document some additional rules prior to implementation. Once these rules are adopted, then the board will vote to implement. One requirement that will be avoided is to make the registry open to both corporate members and non-members.

OWASP Free Training Training model needs to be driven by the local chapter and funded by the local chapter. Different training models need to be defined: local chapter driven, conference committee driven, education committee driven, CBT. Creates a "culture" of local, chapter events.

Conference 2010 Attendance

Tom to Mexico

Dinis to Brazil

Germany - Seba or Eoin

MN - Dave or Tom

Committee Board Representation Board Member will serve as liason between the committee and the board. Goal is to assist the committee remain self sufficient. Board member responsibility is also to connect with the committee members to identify areas for improvement within the committee structure. Goal will be to bring each committee to the minimum of 7 members.

Board member representative will relay committee structure and membership status at May Board meeting.