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May 4, 2010

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1-866-534-4754 Code: "OWASP" (69277)

Follow up from April

  • Q1 P&L Review

Please click here for the revised 2010 Q1 Financial Reports.

  • ESAPI Project Manager vote from April postponed until June

Approval required to hire OWASP intern for summer. Would be 40 hrs/week at $10/hr. Intern will provide technical development support to OWASP projects, currently targeting ESAPI, but we are looking for other high priority OWASP projects that we should support if the board has other suggestions. Will work out of the Columbia office under the guidence of Jeff and Dave.

  • Outsourcing OWASP's IT

Clarification of the scope of the RFQ for Dedicated Hosting

  • Is this just moving the 'iron' to another place or is this application maintenance as well?
  • Do we also need to look for a hosted Wiki service?
  • What does success look like for this project?

Original RFQ

Vote Required

  • Vote: continuation of 60/40 split or donation funding status for projects (see GPC update below on this topic)
    • Do we continue to allow companies designate a portion of their membership fees to a specific project?
    • Should be money directly allocated to projects, chapters or committees be a 100/0 split (i.e. 0% to OWASP)
  • Vote: Should OWASP take a stand or publicise an opinion on the F5 suit vs. Imperva?
  • Vote: Approval of OWASP Annual Report.

Committees updates

  • Global Chapters Committee
    • by Dinis Cruz
      • Still trying to get what is the status of this committee
      • Issue with 'Commercial' bias of OWASP local chapters
  • Global Education Committee
    • by Dinis Cruz
      • Working with them to create Training Packs (to be used on the Chapter-lead training events
  • Global Membership Committee
    • by Seba

  • Global Conferences Committee
    • by ______________
      • Board Member [1]