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May 15, 2018

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Meeting Date: May 15 2018

Meeting Location: Virtual Meeting Time: May 15, 2018 - Click Here for Meeting Time in Your Timezone

Virtual: GoToMeeting Meeting ID: 861-328-838

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Compliance Committee Updates - Greg

Draft Strategic Plan


Old Business

All active board proposals are listed here

New Business


All active board proposals are listed here


As for the GDPR, we as OWASP have a legal entity in Belgium. This is an advantage, as thereby we do only have to the with the Belgian AP. With Toreon, company of Sebastien Deleersnyder, we agreed to have an intern helping us with the GDPR compliance with the backing of an experience GDPR professional, for the data register etc..

OWASP Event Strategy

A Status update & Discussion on the OWASP Event Strategy. Here are some example questions we hope the strategy to cover:

  • How do we want to re-brand foundation run events to distinguish between regional events?
  • What type of events shall the foundation run?
  • What selection criteria are there for those events?
  • How will they be operated and managed between the foundation and the community?
  • What types of events can be run?
  • Which events are we planning for 2019?

Furthermore, it is not required for an organization as OWASP to have an DPO (Data Privacy Officer),but it is advised. We should discus about this role, definition and should it be one of the board members. So we would have another role, next to chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary.

Online training portal

We have been contacted from a professor of an university in the US. They want to develop online material for their course on the cloudera platform. He asked on what basis can they use available OWASP material. Futhermore, Cloudera claims course material cannot be shared outside the cloudera platform.

OWASP material is free to use, there is not limitation of using OWASP material to develop an online training
We discussed to options of having the online training available for free via the Cloudera platform. Exam specific material is not public available.
He volunteered to setup an call with Cloudera, who has a good standing about sharing knowledge, if they are willing to enable public shared OWASP training meterial via their platform

Approval of 2018 Budget