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My organization is not in a position to contribute monetarily, but we would like to contribute technical services. Is there a way for us to be involved?

Technology Supporter designations are available for organizations who make valuable in-kind donations of technology support services. Please contact your local Chapter Leader if you would like to become a Chapter Supporter in this manner or contact Kelly Santalucia if you would like to become an Organizational Supporter.

I’m an active (chapter leader, project leader, committee member). Does that mean I’m an OWASP Honorary Member and get to vote?

No. During the 2009 election, OWASP Honorary Memberships were granted to all historical chapter leaders, project leaders and committee members, but those honorary memberships have expired. We ask that you please become an OWASP Individual Member Join Here to support OWASP. Alternately, you may also request a new OWASP Honorary Membership by submitting a description of your recent activities in support of OWASP. Honorary Membership is now available year round. Honorary Membership does expire 1 year from the date issued, and you do have to re-apply for it. We thank you for your ongoing support of OWASP, and we require this for tracking purposes for these requests from individuals around the world.

My organization supports OWASP, but the annual cost to become a Corporate Supporter is too expensive. What options are available?

A great way to participate in OWASP is to support your local chapter. Please look into becoming a Chapter Supporter at the level where you feel comfortable. This will allow you to support OWASP’s mission and help promote a vibrant application security community in your area. Hopefully in the future you will be in a position to become a Global Corporate Member.

Why Should I Become An OWASP Member or Corporate Member?

OWASP provides documentation, tools, methodologies, standards, articles, and message forums (“OWASP Materials”) as a service to Internet users worldwide to help users and developers understand more about application security. OWASP makes these materials available to end users to help them acquire, build, test, and operate secure software. In addition to the benefits you receive as described above, your membership helps to support the growth of OWASP and the development of new and improved OWASP Materials. Because we are an open, non-commercial entity, we can take on projects that commercial entities driven by profit motives could not. Everyone benefits from these projects. Your support will help OWASP continue to find and fight the causes of insecure software. Read why some companies have chosen to join OWASP as a Corporate Member under our Testimonial section.

How Are Funds Used?

OWASP is a 501c3 not-for-profit foundation, and all funds go directly to support OWASP projects, grants, chapters, and infrastructure. Our funds come from conferences, memberships, advertising, and individual and organization supporter contributions. For more information on how funds are utilized Click Here

Who Must Become an OWASP Member?

Membership is not required to use OWASP materials under each project's open source license. Also, anyone can participate in or contribute to an OWASP chapter or project without becoming a member. Your membership fees are what make the various OWASP projects and chapters possible.

How Can I Become An OWASP Member?

To become an OWASP Member, an individual or corporation must: Agree to the terms and conditions of the OWASP Membership Agreement. Pay the appropriate membership fee, depending on what type of OWASP Membership is indicated. Keep OWASP updated with accurate contact and business profile information. The term of the agreement is one year from the date of execution. We appreciate your interest in becoming an OWASP Member.

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Please contact Kelly Santalucia for information on wire transfer or other processing methods.

What is OWASP’s licensing model?

  • Open Source Licenses: Each OWASP project is licensed under one of the approved open source licenses, such as the GPL, LGPL, GFDL, and BSD. Under these licenses, you may be required to contribute changes back to the open source community at large, according to the terms of the applicable open source license.

How do I get my logo posted?

After becoming a OWASP Corporate Member or Academic Supporter, email your logo and url you would like it hyperlinked to to Kelly Santalucia. Image size for logos depends on the level of membership you choose.

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