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Los Angeles/2010 Meetings

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December 22, 2010

Speakers: Brian Robison and Sven Schrecker
Topic: Deep Dive into Web Application Scanning
Sponsor: McAfee

November 24, 2010

Speakers: Al Huizenga and Kyle Adams
Topic: Baking It In: Abuse-Resistant Web Applications
Sponsor: Mykonos Software

October 20, 2010

Speaker: Todd Calvert
Topic: Identity Management: federation and authorization

Speaker: Manoranjan (Mano) Paul (CSSLP, CISSP, AMBCI, MCSD, MCAD, CompTIA Network+, ECSA)
Topic: Sharks and Security

Sponsors: Arcot Systems Inc, WebFort

September 22, 2010

Speaker: Mike O. Villegas, CISA, CISSP, GSEC
Topic: Secure Coding Practices and Procedures, and Threat Modeling

Speaker: Edward Bonver, CISSP, CSSLP
Topic: Threat Modeling at Symantec

Sponsor: White Hat Security

August 18, 2010

Speaker: Dr. Jelena Mirkovic
Topic: DETER Project: Scientific, Safe and Simple CyberSecurity Research

July 21, 2010

Speaker: Samy Kamkar
Topic: How I Met Your Girlfriend: Entirely New Classes of Web Attacks

June 9, 2010

Speaker: Brendan Bellina
Topic: Shibboleth implementation at USC

May 26, 2010

Speaker: Neil Matatall
Topic: OWASP Top 10 and Enterprise Security API (ESAPI)

April 21, 2010

Speaker: Mike Bailey and Mike Murray
Topic: The intersection of social and technical attacks in Web 2.0 applications

March 17, 2010

Speaker: Michael Schrenk
Topic: BOOK PREVIEW: Webbots, Spiders, and Screen Scrapers SECOND EDITION

February 24, 2010

Speaker: Alex Stamos
Topic: Cloud Computing Security: Raining on the Trendy New Parade

January 20, 2010

Speaker: David M. N. Bryan
Topic: Do VLANs allow for good application security?