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Logic/time bomb

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A logic bomb is a piece of malicious code that executes when specific trigger conditions are met. A typical example would be a program that monitors a company's payroll system, and attacks the company if a specific employee is terminated. A time bomb is a type of logic bomb that uses a date and time as its trigger condition. They are differentiated from software "easter eggs" by their malicious nature.

Risk Factors

A logic bomb can affect any systems that were accessible to the attacker. Depending on the motivation of the attacker, the bomb itself could modify payroll systems, steal corporate databases, or crash critical infrastructure.


Medco Health Solutions

A unix systems administrator recieved 30 months in federal prison for inserting a logic bomb in Medco Health Solutions servers. link

Fannie Mae

An IT contractor for Fannie Mae inserted a time bomb to attack corporate servers. link

Siberian Pipeline Sabotage

It is alleged (and disputed) that a 1982 explosion of a Soviet natural gas pipeline was caused by a logic bomb. link

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