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Lesson Plans

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WebGoat User Guide Table of Contents

The lesson plans included WebGoat 5.0 (1/31/07) include:

General HTTP Basics
HTTP Splitting and Cache Poisining
How to Exploit Thread Safety Problems
How to add a new WebGoat lesson
Code Quality How to Discover Clues in the HTML
Unvalidated Parameters How to Exploit Hidden Fields
How to Exploit Unchecked Email
How to Bypass Client Side JavaScript Validation
Broken Access Control Using an Access Control Matrix
How to Bypass a Path Based Access Control Scheme
How to Perform Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
LAB: Role based Access Control
Remote Admin Access
Broken Authentication Forgot Password
How to Spoof an Authentication Cookie
How to Hijack a Session
Basic Authentication
Cross Site Scripting (Xss) LAB: Cross Site Scripting
How to Perform Stored Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
How to Perform Reflected Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
HTTPOnly Test
How to Perform Cross Site Tracing (XST) Attacks
Buffer Overflows Buffer Overflow
Injection Flaws How to Perform Command Injection
How to Perform Blind SQL Injection
How to Perform Numeric SQL Injection
How to Perform Log Spoofing
How to Perform XPATH Injection
How to Perform String SQL Injection
LAB: SQL Injection
How to Use Database Backdoors
Improper Error Handling How to Bypass a Fail Open Authentication Scheme
Insecure Storage Encoding Basics
Denial of Service Denial of Service From Multiple Logins
Insecure Configuration Management Forced Browsing
Web Services How to Create a SOAP Request
WSDL Scanning
Web Service SAX Injection
Web Service SQL Injection
AJAX Security DOM Injection
XML Injection
JSON Injection
Silent Transactions Attacks
Challenge The Challenge

For each lesson within WebGoat, an overview and objectives are provided. These are accessed through the Show Lesson Plan button.

Figure 3: Show Lesson Plan

These lesson plans describe the operation of each aspect of the target application, the areas of interest relating to the security assessment and the type of attack that should be attempted.

WebGoat User Guide Table of Contents