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June 7, 2010

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1-866-534-4754 Code: "OWASP" (69277)

Follow up from May

Vote Required

  • Move monthly conference call to first Monday of the month 12:00Noon EST
  • Revised Rules for 'OWASP Commercial Services' (by Dinis)
  • Proposed Rules for OWASP Board Members responsibilities at OWASP conferences (by Jeff)
  • Proposed Workflow for 'OWASP Board Members RPF' (by Dinis)
  • Proposed model to track OWASP Board Members expenses separately and make them independent from Local Chapters (by Dinis)
  • 15k Funding for the ' Proposal to operationalise OWASP ‘Chapter-lead’ Training activities and the concept of ‘OWASP Academies' (see details about at the end of this page) (by Dinis)
  • Location of the 2010 Summit will be... CA? DC? Portugal? Other location?

Committee Updates








Support Material

Proposal to operationalise OWASP ‘Chapter-lead’ Training activities and the concept of ‘OWASP Academies’


  • Main focus on:
    • Normalization and ‘packaging’ of the OWASP ‘Chapter-lead’ events so that they can easily be executed by the local OWASP Chapters
      • Creation of the ‘OWASP Training Pack’ (book + pdf + dvd) with the materials developed by successful deliveries of OWASP ‘Chapter-lead’ events
    • Establishment of working relationships with ‘OWASP friendly’ Universities:
      • starting with the OWASP Chapter-lead training courses, but with a view to evolve those courses into OWASP ‘Academies’
    • Negotiate potential sponsorship opportunities for the OWASP ‘Chapter-lead’ events
    • Logistical organization of OWASP ‘Chapter-lead’ training activities:
      • multiple individual OWASP ‘Chapter-lead’ training events
      • (try to) organize a ‘OWASP Tour’ of 20x training events in Oct/Nov 2010 (with US trainers)
  • Work closely with multiple OWASP Committees, namely on:
    • OWASP Chapters Committee: the ‘soft’ (for now) requirement to implement the OWASP ‘Chapter-lead’ training courses
    • OWASP Education Committee namely: development and packaging of OWASP Training materials and the development of the ‘OWASP Academies concept’
    • OWASP Connections Committee: namely with its efforts to expose the development community to OWASP Training materials
    • OWASP Projects Committee: creating Training materials from Key OWASP Projects

Resources required:

  • 1x ‘Project Manager’ (to be responsible for the execution for the proposed activities)
    • Hired as an independent contractor
    • contract length: 3 months time
    • must be based in London or Lisbon
  • Operational capabilities
    • Materials Production (for example editing)
    • Marketing materials
    • travel expenses


  • 15,000 USD
    • 9,000 USD : 3 months contract (3,000 USD/month)
    • 6:000 USD: Operational expenses


  • The human resource must have wiki edition experience
  • recommended experience
    • project management
    • education experience
    • deal making
    • customer relationships
    • ideally a senior employee

Additional notes:

  • This resource will be directly managed by OWASP Board Member Dinis Cruz and reports directly to the OWASP Board.