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June 10, 2013

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Dial In Info

Notice of Recording

  • Joining the call acknowledges your awareness of recording and consent to be recorded and public dissemination of the recording.


12:00pm - 1:30pm EST


Teleconference Information:

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Meeting Minutes


Old Business

All active board proposals are listed here

*NOTE* - You have to open the actual document to read comments on them or to add them this is just a preview**

  • [Sarah]Vote clarification on bylaws - remove sentence referring to Global Chapters Committee at end of Section 5.02

New Business

All active board proposals are listed here

  • [Jim]OWASP Top Ten Code of Ethics violations and project handbook.
    • [vote needed | discussion topic]

  • [Jim] OWASP Board Communication and Transparency
    • [vote needed | discussion topic]

  • [Jim] Motion to drop from Bylaws SECTION 3.03: "and shall meet in person at least once annually at a date to be

announced and agreed upon" to enable board members to participate entirely remotely in the instance that they are unable to travel or attend inperson board meetings at least once annually

    • Vote needed