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Testimonials and endorsements from organisations using OWASP resources or working with OWASP to improve application security. Testimonials were sought from named individuals in higher profile organizations where it was known they were using OWASP materials or had worked with OWASP. Their successes in using or working with OWASP are very dependent on their own efforts — other organizations may not achieve the same results, or may achieve more.

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Design and Manufacturing

  • " is a valuable resource for any company involved with online payment card transactions. Dell uses OWASP's Software Assurance Maturity Model (OpenSAMM) to help focus our resources and determine which components of our secure application development program to prioritize. Participation in OWASP's local chapter meetings and conferences around the globe helps us build stronger networks with our colleagues."
    • Michael J. Craigue, Manager
    • Security Consulting, Information Security & Compliance, Dell Inc



  • "OWASP has been contributing significantly to the Central Bank of Brazil. The OWASP Testing Guide is used as a reference to our Information Security Professionals. Our web applications vulnerability tests are based on OWASP methodology and we frequently use the OWASP Live CD and its tools."
    • Leandro Rito Bastos, Analista
    • Departamento de Tecnologia da Informação, Divisão de Segurança em Tecnologia da Informação, Banco Central do Brasil





Software development

Standards and guidelines

  • "The Cloud Security Alliance is focused on developing a set of guidelines that customers and vendors of cloud based systems can use as a common set of guidelines for dealing with security in Cloud based systems. A significant part of this effort has been developing standards that address Application Security and the differences that must be considered when moving application to a Cloud based environment. The members of OWASP were critical to both the development of these sections of the standard as well as providing an expert community that helped to verify the guidance is valid. With the help of many OWASP members we have been able to provide a set of guidance that is comprehensive while providing a rational balance between security and business needs. I would like to personally thank the OWASP community for their contributions."
    • Dennis Hurst, Founding Member
    • Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)


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