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Industry:Minutes 2009-01-23

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Minutes of the Global Industry Committee meeting held by conference call on 23 Jan 2009 at 11:00 EST.


  • Tom Brennan (OWASP Board member)
  • Rex Booth
  • David Campbell (Chair)
  • Georg Hess
  • Colin Watson

Discussions, Actions and Results

Committee Plan

The Industry Committee wants to establish contacts with proper people in right places. These may be in industry, government, academia and regulatory organisations - we will need to liaise with the other committees, for example on the Global Education Committee's work with universities. We need to identify areas where we can make a difference. Once we have identified potential organisations/contacts, we need to rank these by potential to prioritize and then get other people to help us. Our plan needs to include pro-active work as well as be able to respond reactively to situations as they develop.

The draft plan was created on the Global Industry Committee page during the meeting.

Actions and results:

  • Create draft plan (DC) Completed during meeting
  • Add deadlines and finalise committee plan (DC)


Work in progress and completed items have been added to the Global Industry Committee.

Anything that is to be submitted as an official OWASP response/comment should be reviewed and approved by a majority of the Industry Committee. More sensitive issues may need approval by the OWASP Board.

Actions and results:

  • Add infragard presentation to 'completed items' (DC) Completed during meeting
  • Keep tables updated with work items progress (RB,DC,GH,EK,CW)
  • Consider how we can be notified automatically with draft publications we may want to comment on (RB,DC,GH,EK,CW)

Public Profile/Promotion

The committee will gather together justification materials including references in legislation, standards, codes of practice and guidance notes, and comments from notable industry individuals or groups.

Create a public facing website that showcases OWASP to potential constituents, separate to the working areas.

Actions and results:

  • Identify key references (RB) Completed
  • Create initial references wiki page (RB)
  • Add further reference items (RB,DC,GH,EK,CW)
  • Examine potential for a new public facing website (Unallocated)

Mailing List

We will use the mailing list for most correspondence from now on.

Actions and results:

  • Each committee member to check they have subscribed (RB,DC,GH,EK,CW)


The next OWASP Board meeting is on 4 Feb 2009 if we have any resource requests or wish to submit our committee plan.

Committee Membership

Colin Watson obtained the required five nominations to join this committee. His application has been approved by the board. The members of the Industry Committee have now approved his nomination.

Actions and results:

  • Update committee membership details (DC) Completed during meeting

Next Meeting

Date of the next meeting to be decided. An announcement will be made through the mailing list and on the Global Industry Committee page.

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