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ISWG Status 200809

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The goals for the month of September regarding ISWG were fairly modest: create a general plan of action and begin planning the ISWG sessions in Portugal. Here are the accomplishments of the month (after only 10 hours billed):

  • Added non-technical ISWG support member Kuai Hinojosa
  • Setup main ISWG wiki page
  • Created EU Summit ISWG agendas for Browser Security and Web Application Framework Security
  • Generated technical activity on the mailing list
  • Brainstormed with key industry leaders on setting realistic goals
  • Through various contacts, sent open invites for the EU Summit to Microsoft ACE team, IE development team, Firefox architects
  • Researched HTML5 specifications for usable advice
  • Established a strong team for the EU Summit, delegating discussion leads to various industry experts
  • Led a strategy meeting at OWASP NYC

The primary goal for October is to make sure that the EU Summit has all the right people in the room, which means further delivering invites to Google Chrome, Opera and Safari, and convincing OWASP's technically adept security researchers to take part and contribute.

A secondary goal is to do more in-house OWASP advertisement of the ISWG, since it's still relatively unknown. We have impressive success stories already, but are not talking about them.

A tertiary goal is to come up with a good implementation plan for the ISWG charter, which is slightly all over the map.