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How to Host a Conference/Travel and Accommodations

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If you plan on a regional or international event, it is considerate to negotiate a discounted room rate with a local hotel. In many cases, if you event is at a hotel, they will happily give you greater than 50% discount on rooms. If your event is at another type of venue (convention center, university campus, corporate building) there are often referral relationships between the venue and nearby hotels. Be sure to ask you coordinator.

When reserving your room blocks take into consideration the number of out of town speakers and guests you are expecting and how many room nights will be required. Be sure to avoid commitment for the unsold rooms. The hotel wants to get paid of course. Be sure that the hotel will not hold OWASP responsible for unbooked rooms.


Your conference venue usually has maps and travel information on how to get to the location. If there aren't adequate limo or shuttle services to your venue from the airport, you may need to make your own arrangements.

OWASP on the MOVE funds are not to be used for conferences or events. If you are planning on covering ANY speakers travel and/or accommodations, be sure to plan for this in your event budget.

International Travel

If you are a conference organizer or sponsor of a conference or event located in the U.S. and the conference will be held in the U.S., please contact the email address: [email protected], sending the following information:

  • Date(s) when conference or event is to be held;
  • Title/name of conference or event;
  • Brief description of the conference, including purpose and sponsorship;
  • Location of the conference or event;
  • Expected international attendance (100 visa applicants minimum to post an event), and the total number of expected attendees;
  • Point of contact (at conference/event organizer): Organization website (if available), contact name, title, address, telephone number and email address, in case the embassy has questions about your announcement.

This is especially important when we are issuing letters so foreign nationals can travel to the event.

More information at

Visitor's Guide

All global conferences that will attract a substantial international audience should create a city Visitor's guide. A great example of a visitor's guide was put together by the AppSec Research 2010 teamThis guide should include sections like:

  • Country Overview
    • Common Languages
    • Money
    • Tipping and Haggling
    • Local Customs
    • Special Events during the conference
  • Transportation to Event
    • Taxi Company Phone numbers and estimated prices
    • Buss or Mass Transit information, schedules, and prices
    • Directions on how to get to conference site WITH PICTURES (It's recommended you walk from the major transportation hubs and take pictures along the way)
  • Host City
    • Local points of interest
    • How to get around the city (metro/bus maps)
    • Bars near the event