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How to Host a Conference/Sponsors

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Obtaining sponsorship is essential to the success of your event. Without financial input from vendors to cover costs of food, venue, giveaways, and everything else, your event will inevitably fail. The following document has been prepared to assist you in convincing vendors to give you money. Please tailor the document to suit your event and forward it to any and all potential sponsors.



It is important to have completed your budget early so you can correctly estimate the amount of sponsorship you will need.

Contact us if you would like assistance or have interest in selling an event sponsorship.

If you plan to have an exhibit hall it must be easily accessible and must have adequate space to accommodate vendor booths. There may be costs associated with such a hall. Some facilities require that their own people set things up. Make sure you know what is included with any rental costs, and what you may have to pay extra for.

Make sure that there is adequate time for attendees to visit the exhibits and to talk with vendors. Directing breaks and snacks into the vendor expo will encourage participants to visit the exhibits. Depending on the benefits to the vendors, you may ask that they pay for exhibit space, or leverage their participation by asking them to sponsor one or more conference activities (reception, meal, etc.).