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How to Host a Conference/Preamble

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Just ask anyone who has put together an event of any size and they will tell you it is hard work, but can also be a lot of fun.

Our intent in posting these guidelines at the OWASP web site is to give conference planners something more than "Good Luck" as they prepare to host an event. While it is almost impossible to cover EVERY detail of planning, we think we have put together a fairly comprehensive series of recommendations. This manual is not meant to be a Bible for the ones who want to organize an OWASP event such as a conference. It is more of a handbook or a booklet of tips. This manual can be used as a general guideline for the organizers. It can give you an idea of all the steps that need to be taken when organizing such an event. It is absolutely necessary for you to use this manual in complement with your own thinking and ideas. We are an open community, so your peers are often a great resource. You are welcome to write in your own tips, so the manual can grow from an event to an event and someday become a true OWASP Manual for organizing conferences.

Refer to some of the other conference pages and contact OWASP staff directly for advice.

Different types of OWASP Events (see the Event Definition) have a few requirements imposed on them.


Contact the OWASP Staff