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How to Host a Conference/Content

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International meetings usually have a general theme. However, for regional meetings, you may want to choose a theme that reflects your chapter's particular strengths or interests.

A good program is critical. Look for variety, interest, timeliness. What do your members need or want to leave with? Try to balance lectures with discussions, hands-on, social activities, and time for colleague interaction.

While it is acceptable to target individuals/companies to solicit content, in keeping with the OWASP value of openness, all Call for Papers and Call for Training must be open to all to submit. Calls for Papers or Training must be at a minimum announced on the conference Wiki page.


A general call for presenters should have a deadline that gives you ample time to recruit and to fill in gaps should you not get all the good proposals you need. Network with other members of your organization to identify people who might be invited to make presentations. Immediately after the deadline, begin organizing the conference schedule. Select the proposals you want to use and contact them to verify their availability. Create a tentative schedule, matching presenters to the facilities. You may want to lay out your schedule on a whiteboard or use 3x5 cards on a corkboard so you can visualize how things fit together. Make sure you plan time for attendees to talk with each other, such as at breaks, before and after dinners, at receptions, etc.

Send a formal acceptance note to each participant, and ask them to confirm by sending an abstract (if you didn't get that as part of their submission) and submitting a request for any special equipment (AV, computer, etc.)

Also note that according to the standard OWASP Speaker Agreement, presenters must submit their presentations (in Powerpoint format) at least 60 days prior to the conference. Submissions should be uploaded to OWASP Presentations after the event.

Consider a CFP system to manage submissions such as EasyChair (it is free), or OpenConf (free and pro-version)

Additionally, each OWASP Conference is required to solicit a board member to provide a welcoming or keynote address. This shows foundation endorsement of the local team ensures a consistent OWASP message.


If you are offering training at your event the Call For Training proposal template should help you issue a call for training. While you are welcome to target training organizations, remember to ensure that the call for training is publicly available so that all my propose classes.

Training revenues are to be split 60/40 with 60% of the revenue going to OWASP and 40% going to the trainer. OWASP will provide the facilities, promotion, A/V equipment, and refreshments for all training. Trainers are responsible for travel/accommodations for the training staff, all training materials, and promotion of the training.

All training during OWASP Events must be OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. OWASP and the Trainer may set aside no more than a combined 10% of the available training slots for their own use.