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Grant Spending Policy

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OWASP has grown considerably over the past few years, and this means that our project inventory has grown as well. We currently manage over 100 open source projects under the OWASP brand umbrella. OWASP prides itself on being able to spend resources in the pursuit of potential grant funding opportunities for our projects. However, our recent successful grant proposals have added several restrictions in the way we can spend grant awarded funds as an organization.

In order to avoid any problems or mis-understandings, we have developed a few guidelines to provide clear expectations of how grant awarded funds are to be managed and spent by all OWASP Projects.


  1. All grant applications submitted to a grant awarding body on behalf of an OWASP Project must be submitted to the OWASP Projects Manager for approval before they are submitted to the grant awarding organization.
  2. All grant funds awarded to an OWASP Project must be spent in accordance to the project plan and budget submitted to the OWASP Projects Manager, and the grant awarding organization, prior to the award of the funds.
  3. All expenses to be made using grant awarded funds must be pre-approved by the OWASP Projects Manager.
  4. Awarded grant funds may not be used, re-allocated, or given away to any other initiative or OWASP Project for any reason.
  5. It is the Project Leader’s responsibility to make sure he/she is working with the OWASP Projects Manager to manage grant related expenses and spending.
  6. It is the Project Leader’s responsibility to make sure they are delivering the product outlined in the grant proposal using the funding made available by the grant awarding body.
  7. In the event that the awarded project terminates its activities, the OWASP Projects Manager will notify the sponsor or grant awarding organization, and inform them of the cease of activity. The grant awarding organization can then decide to either take back the funds, or donate them to another project, to the general OWASP Project fund, or to another part of the OWASP organization that accepts sponsorships.