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Google Adwords Grant User Guidelines

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The Google Ad Grants Program is a service Google provides to non-profit entities in an effort to help these organizations promote their causes and further their mission. OWASP was awarded this grant in late 2012, and has tested the logistics in 2013 using 2 events and one project as the subject. Now, we are in a position to offer this service to the wider community for use. The rules and guidelines of using this award can be found below. If you find that you have additional questions, please contact us.

1. Grant Management: OWASP and Leaders are responsible for building and managing the AdWords account. The Adwords Grant account is very similar to a paid Adwords account, but there are a few restrictions. We are only able to run keyword targeted campaigns and they only appear on Moreover, we are only able to run text ads.

2. Fund Limitations: There is a daily budget of $329 USD across all campaigns which adds up to a monthly budget of $10,000 USD. The maximum cost-per-click (CPC) limit is $2.00 USD. This means that we are only allowed to bid up to $2.00 USD per keyword. We are a able to bid a lower amount, but the highest amount we can bid on a keywords is $2.00 USD. We recommend setting a daily budget of $100.00 a day per campaign/user.

3. Ad Guidelines: Any campaign or Ad developed using the OWASP Google Grants account must only promote OWASP as an organization, and all Ads and keywords must all be mission-based. Additionally, all links must point directly to the wiki, or to another page on the wiki.

4. Who is able to use this service?: Any OWASP Community member or leader is able to take advantage of this service. We would like to give preference to Global AppSec Conferences and Flagship Projects; however, anyone that has a need will have an opportunity to submit their proposal to use the OWASP Google Adwords account. Please note, that this service is only available to promote OWASP related activities.

5. Getting Started: If you are interested in using our Google Adwords Grant account, you will need to submit a proposal for use. Simply please contact us with the following information: Name, Affiliation with OWASP, Short explanation of what you will be using this service for, and an estimation of how long you plan to use it for. After this information is submitted, we can begin to process your request. If your application is successful, we will set you up with a standard access account so you can begin managing your campaigns.

6. Acceptable Ad and Keyword example:


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outstanding reputation!


Eu AppSec Conference

Zed Attack Proxy

web services

web services development

vulnerability scanner

7. Not Acceptable Ad and Keyword example:


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Buy OWASP Merchandise

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8. Additional Resources: