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GlobalMembershipCommittee Notes 20101119

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Friday, November 19, 2010



Michael Coates

Kate Hartmann


Sebastien Deleersnyder

Dan Cornell

Membership Status

October 2010 Numbers

Total Number of Individual Memberships: 1069

New Memberships: 49

Renewals: 11

Lost memberships (did not renew): 64

Income from Individual Memberships: $3,000

Portion allocated to local chapters: $980

Profit from Individual Memberships: $2020

Total Number of Organization Memberships: 39

New Memberships: 1 (Oracle)

Renewals: 0

Lost memberships (did not renew): 2 (Mnemonic, Redspin)

Income from Corporate Memberships: $5,000

Portion allocated to local chapters: $0

Profit from Corporate Memberships: $5,000

Total Profit: $7,020


Summit in Feb Are you going? Do you have funding or need funding?

Summit plan for 2011 - 3 year 2 year and 1 year goals

Add Goals Here

Reg Online Registration Program - Contract pending This will "automatically renew memberships" will differentiate among different membership types will cross check events for membership status (are you a member? if not, would you like to join?)

Chapter 40% donations for global companies (ADP, IBM)

Bundle memberships for companies - 5, 10, 20

Eliminated member kit and issues automatically a gift certificate for the online store instead. No shipping, printing, overhead. $25 Gift Certificate

reg online should email membership cards.

Discussed ADP Membership and distributing chapter funds evenly between atlanta and NY

Action Items

  • Committee needs to decide on honorary memberships which are expiring this month
  • Committee needs to create 1, 2, 3 year plan for discussion at Summit - Add Plan/Goals for Summit Here