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GlobalMembershipCommittee Notes 20100518

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010



Michael Coates

Dan Cornell

Kate Hartmann


Sebastien Deleersnyder

Stephen Craig Evans

Membership Status

April 2010 Numbers

Total Number of Individual Memberships: 968

New Memberships in April: 70

Renewals in April: 12

Lost memberships in April (did not renew): 32

April Income from Individual Memberships: $4,100

Portion allocated to local chapters: $1,400

April Profit from Individual Memberships: $2,700

Total Number of Organization Memberships: 33

New Memberships in April: 1 (Qualys)

Renewals in April: 0

Lost memberships in April (did not renew): 0

April Income from Corporate Memberships: $5,000

Portion allocated to local chapters: $0

April Profit from Corporate Memberships: $5,000

Total Profit for April: $7,700


  • Review membership numbers
  • Review Outstanding Action Items
    • ACTION ITEM: KATE - We need to determine an estimated cost for this (Creation of Organizational Supporter Kits) and check we have mailing addresses for all organizational members
    • ACTION ITEM: MICHAEL - Build list and perform first pass of division Done - link
    • ACTION ITEM: SEBA - Follow up with connection committee to see if they are contacting other security conferences for OWASP involvement
    • ACTION ITEM: SEBA Follow up with Google
    • ACTION ITEM: DAN Follow up with Facebook


  • Membership kits
    • Kate agrees with ditching membership cards, thinks membership certificate is good to keep.Others agree. Kate will include OWASP member stickers.

Cost for US membership kit: $19.69

Cost for Non-US membership kit: $26.47

Both kits include the following:

$5.10 for T-shirt

$0.50 for Sticker

$1.79 for Badge Holder (or similiar item)

$0.05 for Certificate

$2.00 for Membership Card

$4.25 for Kate’s time (10 minutes each)

$6.00 avg. shipping for US kit

$12.78 shipping for non-US

  • Organizational Kits
    • Dinis trying to get top 10 into lulu. Not yet uploaded
    • Kate looking at vendors to get copies printed
    • Kate looking at cost of printed glossies. At least $5 per copy for news letter.
    • Kate confirmed we have copies of all organizational members.
    • ACTION ITEM: KATE send info when available
  • Organizational Contacts
    • List looks good. Start emailing contact points to establish communication.
  • Seba's Updates
    • Differed
  • Dan's updates
    • Facebook - Still pending and in progress. Kate will ping contact again.
    • Google - Dan will email contact again.
  • Materials for local chapters
    • Dan to continue working on developing and distributing the material