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GlobalMembershipCommittee Notes 20091022

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Meeting #8 - Thursday, October 22, 2009


  • Michael Coates
  • Dan Cornell
  • Kate Hartmann

Minutes (10:00 - 10:45 EDT)

  • General catch up
  • Committee is working with online voting sites to provide services for first OWASP vote on next OWASP Board member
  • Kate received feedback on membership kit and shirts. Will be ordering member stickers and OWASP shirts will say "member"
  • Kate verifying OWASP membership CDs functioning ok.
  • How should honorary members be handled for membership kits? Idea to provide t-shirt and virtual material for membership card and certificate.
  • Prepare material for Global Summit. We will have about 30 minutes to update everyone.
 * Status update
 * Membership Progress
 * Discussion points - govt sponsorship, tiered membership for corporates (gold or silver)
 * Kate to email membership numbers by month
 * Dan to create first draft of slides
  • Tiered membership ideas (gold or silver)
 * (GOLD) Higher cost, includes pre-purchase of conference admission, owasp logo, etc at discount rate. Banner ads, conference sponsorships have been good incentives so far
 * (SILVER) Existing corporate plan. 
 * May be good option for companies able to make 1 big purchase instead of multiple small items through the year
 * Kate will survey corporate members for their opinions and bring up at conference committee meeting and global board meeting
  • Kate to follow-up on Microsoft corporate membership status

Action Items

Next meeting: Global Summit Wednesday, November 11, 2009