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GlobalMembershipCommittee Notes 20091012

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Meeting #11 - Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Michael Coates

Dan Cornell

Stephen Craig Evans

Kate Hartmann

Sebastien Deleersnyder

Minutes (14:30 - 15:30 EDT)

  • 2008 and 2009 Membership revenue numbers
* 230K is membership revenue for 2008
* 140K is membership revenue for 2009
* -90K (that is AFTER the 60/40 revenue split with the referring chapter so the gross revenue was closer to 230K)
  • 2010 Membership revenue
* Membership and conferences are main revenue streams  
* A good membership revenue target is 160-170K (this is BEFORE the 60/40 split). 
* Our current membership numbers, if maintained, would reach this goal.
770 Individual Members -> $38,500
27 Corp Members        -> $135,000
Total Membership Revenue= $173,500

* Will continue doing the 60/40 split with chapters through 2010
* Need to assign corporate members to local chapters with contact points
  • Handling of members who want to sponsor specific projects
* In interim will split project page to show both financial supporter and knowledge supporters to distinguish
* Will schedule full call along with GPC to discuss overall
  • Membership and the newsletter


  • Desired membership targets
* 1500 Total Members
* 35 Corporate Members 
  • Organizational and individual
  • Proposed approach to meet goals
* Contact corporate members at least once per quarter
* Develop monthly contact sheet for corp members 

Action Items

Dan - to contact InfoVison regarding upcoming Corporate Renewel (done)

Kate - to contact HP regarding upcoming Corporate Renewel

Kate - to get Sales force running by Q2 so chapter leaders can also help drive membership renewal

Seba - Need to update language for education members on website. Current requirement for "meeting space 2 times per year" and including owasp in the curriculum, is too strict. Also want language to be open to easily apply to 2 and 4 degree programs.

Kate - Will update OWASP Top 10 to distinguish financial sponsors from sponsors contributing material

Next Meeting 3rd Tuesday of every month

Tuesday, Jan 19, 1:30 PM Central / 8:30 pm Seba Time Tuesday, Feb 16, 1:30 PM Central / 8:30 pm Seba Time